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Adamson Systems: Problems with being in a remote physical location 

While attending Toronto AES EXPO19 we went to a lunch sponsored by Adamson Systems, a proudly Canadian audio company which builds, designs and manufactures all of its things in Canada. 

Its facilities are located in Port Perry, ON and this poses a problem for Adamson. They are so busy that they can't keep up with demand. They are expanding their facilities and all of their divisions are growing. But there isn't enough young blood in Canada to support this kind of growth. 

There are three reasons why there might not be enough talent: 

1. Highly skilled and talented people who do emerge are more frequently located in the big cities such as Toronto and you'd have to convince them to relocate to the middle of nowhere. 

2. There isn't a lot of emphasis or glamour being directed toward 

3. In order to become good doing audio or music you need a lot of time to tinker around and try things out. But you also have to feed yourself. 

A lot of people drop out of the game before they realize their full potential because they're literally broke and starving.

A lot of other people choose to work from home and get all their work done remotely.

It's going to be a challenge to get so many people out to Port Perry.

But it also means they're hiring right now. And they're willing to negotiate. Go check them out.