Working with Alon was a great experience. He is professional, fun, and efficient. It all made for a very comfortable work environment. ”
In a very short time Ivan was able to mix and master a quality sounding track that was a great balance of my original vision, and his own creativity and artistic input.”

— Astrid Harrison

Ivan Popov does incredible work mixing and mastering songs. He has a good ear for creating the best polished, high quality mainstream sound.”
Alon Rodovinsky is a multi-talented producer, musician, songwriter and vocalist. He pays high attention to detail and puts a lot of effort into everything we do. ”

— Richard Hunting

Alon was accommodating, professional and visionary to work with. He provides input in a thoughtful way and is gracious in allowing me to have the final say. He wants me to feel really satisfied with the outcome. ”
Ivan has the right mix of knowing what is required and accommodating the artist's requests. ”

— Monica Graham