Sharing Your Content On The Internet

The Digital Age allows us to share our content in many different ways. From Soundcloud to Youtube and even Torrents there are a lot of possibilities out there. So which one is the best for music? 

Most musicians would like to make enough money off their music to live comfortably. Very few services allow them to earn such an amount of money though. One of those services is Youtube. Youtube is fuelled by ads that enable it to monetize videos so that content creators can reap the rewards. However, recently Youtube has developed several problems which serve as a hurdle to making a living for a content creator. First there was Adpocalypse 1, which saw a decrease of revenue from using Adblock. Then there was Adpocalypse 2, which saw advertisers pulling their money on content they deemed unsafe and offensive. Finally there is an endless brigade of lawyers sending false copyright claims. 

Unfortunately, the last point is often the most dire one - 3 copyright claims mean the end to your youtube account. Big companies like Sony treat issue DMCA takedowns like a silver bullet. Disputing them is a lengthy process for the content creator and youtube tends to take the side of  the bigger company. Even if you can prove that DMCA takedown is false, your account can still get eventually blocked due to “excessive violations”. Proving that those DMCA notices were false and trying to get your money back in court is difficult. At most you will be able to get a nearly non-existent amount of resources back. 

There are other services, such as Vimeo, but they lack concrete monetization options. You can do video on demand, which many people are not fond of, not to mention the audience of those websites is lesser than Youtube. Spotify is a big streaming music service, however even Spotify doesn’t have high payouts and competition is dire (I heard that getting into top playlists can range between 350-1500$- Per song!). 

So we are faced with 3 problems: Accessibility, Monetization, and Promotion. 

While searching for a solution to these 3 problems, I thought of decentralized networks - like Torrents. Many users use Torrents to obtain legal or illegal content. And even though Accessibility of it is still an issue, they are ultimately not very hard to use. For low-mid tier artists, Torrents can actually improve the sales of music. ( 

What I tried to find is a solution that solves all 3 problems using de-centralized networks. I ended up finding . They use blockchains and de-centralyzed networks (Similar to Torrents!) to store content and generate revenue for the creators.  One of the websites that uses this technology is . Their interface is very similar to youtube, allowing anyone to easily navigate the website. They offer video monetization based on views and likes by the means of blockchain technology. 

Moreover, because of the use of decentralized networks (meaning there is no single server), only the disapproval of the community can take down your videos, not big companies falsely throwing DMCA claims for whatever reason. Since this is a small community, promotion for an average artist should also be easier to do, at least at this point, since there is less competition - meaning more visibility from the main page. 

Of course there are downsides - registration either requires 5$ or 2 weeks waiting period to verify that you are a real person. That makes sense though, as they would want  to avoid to armies of bots that are crawling within youtube and other similar services. Also, the community is small, but hopefully is this going to remedied in the future, as similar services become more popular. 

We are going to try and post our content on and see how it goes. Hopefully we are seeing the future of the streaming websites, as monopolies such as Youtube should eventually wind down. 

We will notify you of our success (or failure) on this website, but for now looking forward to the future!

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