Mastering Transitions In Your Music

Recently I had the opportunity to answer a question about how to make transitions between the various sections of your songs flow smoothly.

It takes some trial and error as well as song musical sense that can only be developed by failing a whole bunch of times. But here's how I go about it:

  1. Have a climb or build e,g a riser, hi-hat build or snare roll from the previous section that is resolved on the first beat of the new section by a cymbal or some white noise.
  2. You can stop the music for 1 bar or half of a bar as a way to build anticipation right before the next section and the resolve it on the first beat of the next section with a cymbal or something similar.
  3. Precede the section by a pitch that builds in volume (for example: a pad that comes in a bar or half of bar early that resolves on the same note as the new section)
  4. Repeat the very last part of a section a couple of times to build anticipation

That's all the ways I can think of. What about you? Have you got any advice for mastering transitions in music?

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